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Other work by Mandy includes:


km in translation

During my time in Menton, in the South of France as the Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellow in 2014, I wrote a short short titled Welcome to Paradise which was published in this book from Edinburgh University Press ISBN 978-1-4744-0038-1

book that made me

I also contributed a chapter to this wonderful book published by Walker Books, Australia. All royalties from this book go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Australia.

Tom’s Story

Honour Award winner 1996

New Zealand Aim Children’s Book Awards
ISBN 0-908606-99-0

A picture book (illustrated by Ruth Paul) that deals with the topic of loss and grief; Tom’s Story won an Honour Award in the 1996 New Zealand Aim Children’s Book Awards.
This book was published in association with the Mary Potter Hospice, Wellington, New Zealand – and also with assistance from the Rua Stevens Charitable Trust.

  • “Tom is six years old when his father is killed in a boating accident. His initial difficulty in believing that his Dad has really gone, his rage at his Dad for leaving him, and the overwhelming sadness experienced by himself and his mother, is replaced by a gradual acceptance based on his mother’s ready acknowledgement of his feelings, his happy memories of shared experiences and the confidence of his belief in his Dad’s ongoing love. The simple text conveys the overwhelming feelings experienced at the time of death, the responsibility that children may shoulder to be ‘good’ all the time so as to help the remaining parent, and the importance of expressing feelings. It also acknowledges the intermittent nature of children’s grief, which may leave them feeling guilty whenever they find themselves happily occupied.” Marianne Kayes, Starship Children’s Hospital.
  • “This is one of the gentlest, most sensitive books I have ever read.” J.M.C. Northland Times
  •  “The story…is powerful and poignant.” Lynne Jackett, Dominion
  •  “This simply written and beautifully illustrated book will bring encouragement and inspiration to others.” Children, Families, and Healthcare Newsletter 1995.
  • “A realistic and warming story which is grounded in a commitment to being honest to your feelings.” Dorothy Butler Bookclub News: Issue 14, April 1995

Available from libraries or via Skylight:


Juno Lucina 

Adult General Fiction Novel (2002)

WINNER: WordWeaving Award for Excellence

Available now at: Wings Press

There comes a point when running from your fear chases you into a corner…

Juno Lucina is an intricately woven story about fear and faith. Tess Chromain’s journey into the dangerous territory of religious fervour, domestic violence and sexual re-awakening is interlaced with her dreams, memories and research articles – to layer around her compounded grief in a climatic, literal, rebirthing of hope.

  • “The moon goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage and of childbirth, of death, renewal and purification, serves as powerful motif… Heroine Tess struggles with each aspect of the goddess in this journey of self-discovery and new beginnings. From early childhood, Tess has fled the image of the wolf that stalks her dreams and a howl in the night, believing only its preoccupation with the light of the moon distracts it from pursuing her. Tess’ fear echoes the contemporary human condition as it reflects our common battle with grief, loss, and survival. In addition, Hager displays a remarkable understanding of goddess worship and a deep respect for the women who pursue this path of spirituality. This powerful, poignant novel comes very highly recommended.” Cindy Penn, Senior Editor, WordWeaving.com, Amazon top 50 Reviewer, eBook Specialist, Midwest Book Review.
  • “A brilliantly written story of relationships and self discovery… Throughout the book are relationships in one stage or another of change… Various religions and paths to enlightenment are discussed, including Judaism and Wicca; all in a non-judgemental way that I found refreshing. The book is brilliantly written, with very strong characterization, description of place, and wonderful dialogue… I have no trouble recommending Juno Lucina.” Janet Miller, PNR Reviews, July 2002
  • “A haunting and poignant tale about a woman who feels she has lost everything and doesn’t have the strength to move on in her life after the tragedy. The heroine is very endearing, so much so that the audience hurts with her. Mandy Hager has written an insightful drama about the human condition.” Harriet Klausner, Reader to Reader July 2000


Help – My Brain Hurts!

Ages: 4-13
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Tap into their most potent learning styles with Help – My Brain Hurts!
This is a guide to understanding and supporting learners with specific learning differences. It gives explanations, offers a learner’s perspective and encourages self-esteem.
This resource advocates teaching to children’s strengths and provides learning tips to remedy problems in a fun and focused way. Ideal for teachers, students and their families.